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Fiamma F45 Eagle Self Supporting Motorcaravan Awning

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Fiamma F45 Eagle Self Supporting Motorcaravan Awning
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Fiamma F45 Eagle Self Supporting Motorcaravan Awning



New for 2022


The Fiamma F45eagle motorised awning is suitable for wall installation on motorhomes. This model is made up of a Polar White 466cm aluminium casing, housing a Royal Grey awning fabric that extends out to 250cm.

Fitted with a compact 12V motor, this awning is easily operated using the supplied wall mountable. The motor kit also allows manual closing in case of an emergency.

The integrated Wind Detection System sensor automatically activates the 12V motor in high winds, closing the awning to avoid possible damage.

The self-supporting arms are reinforced with a duralumin support block, strengthening and keeping the canopy taught without the need for support legs.

The angle of inclination of the supporting arms is prefixed at 10 degrees but can be altered to suit the height of motorhome from 5 degrees to 17 degrees, ensuring the correct flow of water over the canopy.

A double guide in the awning’s front lead bar allows for installation of two optional front panels and other accessories. LED cable ducts on the awning’s arms allows for passage of cables for optional LED light kits.

- Case finish: Polar White

- Fabric colour: Royal Grey


* See image for above A, B and C measurements

Dedicated installation brackets are available for this awning. For support finding a suitable bracket, please contact our Nova Leisure team.

Important: Verify with your trusted dealer if the motorhome or caravan is suitable for the installation of the F45Eagle. The vehicle must be robust enough to support the weight and the tension of the open awning. Fiamma refuses all responsibility for damages to the walls or for water ingress due to incorrect installation or installation on weak walls.

Key Features

Equipped with a 12V motor for motorised operation
UV resistant, waterproof, washable vinyl fabric canopy
Roller supports facilitate the rolling of the fabric and ensures it rolls in the correct direction
Presto Fix guarantees perfect closure of the lead bar
A double guide allows for optional front panels and other accessories to be added
LED cable ducts on the arms allow for optional LED light kits to be added
A Wind Detection System sensor automatically activates the motor to closes the awning in case of strong wind
Standard installation adapter included


Description F45 Eagle 350  F45 Eagle 400  F45 Eagle 450 
Awning length A 366cm 416cm 466cm
Canopy length B 355cm 385cm 435cm
Extension C 250cm 250cm 250cm
Shade surface 8,3m2 9,6m2 11m2
Weight 33,5kg 36,5kg 39,5kg
Our Price £1478.00
£1528.00 £1638.00



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