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Fiamma F45S Motorhome Awning

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Fiamma F45S Motorhome Awning
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Fiamma F45S Motorhome Awning

Cassette Type:

Canopy Colour:



The innovative and compact awning of Italian design

The easy-to-use and simple to install awning which joins todays best technologies, service and quality! Constantly renewed, the F45s awning is compact and functional, making it the best choice for your holidays! When not in use, the F45s takes up little space while snuggly enclosed in its aluminium case. It is sturdy and safe to operate, with an easy-to-hook winch loop.

Advantages & features

  Wide Choice: three finishes of case box and eight fabric colours to choose from, lengths from 190 to 450cm.
• Accessories: a wide range of accessories are available to further increase the comfort
• Installation Brackets: standard adapters (provided with the awning) and more than 90 personalized brackets enable the mounting on special profiles
• LED: many models and LED solutions to illuminate evenings under the awning
• Double Guide: double guide on the lead bar allowing the installation of two front panels
• Perfect Closing: fast and silent opening and closing thanks to the Auto-Lock safety system and perfect closing thanks to Dual Security device
• Presto Fix: adjusting system that enables you to gauge the closing of the lead bar to guarantee a perfect closing over time
• One Way Roll: rolling the fabric only in the correct direction, thanks to Fiamma's patented system
• Dual Shock Absorber: patented shock absorbing bracket with dual bolt system to protect the awning and the vehicle during bad weather
• Extra Strong Arms: strong reinforced articulated arms with double steel cable that allows you to maintain an optimal fabric tension
• Secure Lock: the legs can be fixed to the ground or to the wall and the height of the lead bar can be adjusted with a telescopic safe and practical system


The F45S 190cm Awning is self supporting, suitable for over door mounting .


New Innovations included with the F45S are, double lead bar guide, drip moulding, arms preset for LED, reinforced leg knuckle, optional lower rain guard available.

Colours & Materials Case: in extra strong extruded aluminium. Very light yet highly resistant external coating in either Polar White, Titanium or Deep Black. Cool and cheerful vinyl canopy. UV resistant, waterproof and washable, with bright colours on both sides.

Canopy Colours:- Royal Grey, Royal Blue, Sahara, Evergreen or Bordeaux  

Awning Cassette Types :- Polar White, Titanium or Deep Black 

Description RRP Our Price
F45s 190 Polar White £524.99 £430.00
F45s 230 Polar White £568.30 £460.00
F45s 260 Polar White £588.85 £494.00
F45s 300 Polar White £626.75 £509.00
F45s 350 Polar White £694.94 £569.00
F45s 375 Polar White £754.48 £614.00
F45s 400 Polar White £760.97 £619.00
F45s 425 Polar White £889.78 £719.00
F45s 450 Polar White £900.60 £734.00
F45s 190 Titanium or Deep Black £600.77 £460.00
F45s 230 Titanium or Deep Black £604.01 £490.00
F45s 260 Titanium or Deep Black £612.67 £524.00
F45s 300 Titanium or Deep Black £651.65 £539.00
F45s 350 Titanium or Deep Black £722.02 £599.00
F45s 375 Titanium or Deep Black £773.98 £644.00
F45s 400 Titanium or Deep Black £792.37 £649.00
F45s 425 Titanium or Deep Black £916.86 £749.00
F45s 450 Titanium or Deep Black £926.60 £764.00



Awning length A

Canopy length B


Shade surface


F45S 190 *

185 cm

169 cm

100 cm

1.7 m2

11.5 kg

F45S 230 

231 cm

214 cm

150 cm

3.2 m2

16.5 kg

F45S 260 

263 cm

247 cm

200 cm

4.9 m2

19.5 kg

F45S 300 

308 cm

292 cm

250 cm

7.3 m2

23 kg

F45S 350 

348 cm

331 cm

250 cm

8.3 m2

25 kg

F45S 375 375cm 357cm 250cm 8.9m² 26kg

F45S 400 **

398 cm

381 cm

250 cm

9.5 m2


F45S 425 ** 423cm 405cm 250cm 10.1m² 28.2kg

F45S 450 **

448 cm

431 cm

250 cm

10.8 m2

30 kg


*  Awning for main door, it does not require the vertical support legs
** 1 x tension rafter made of anodized aluminium

Vehicle: Perfect for any vehicle from large motorhomes to camper vans.

Operation: Winch opening and closing. Operation by handle. Electric motor optional.

Position: Designed for wall installation. Delivered with standard installation brackets. Special adapters optional available.

Awning enclosure: Optional Privacy Ultra-Light, Privacy Room, Privacy Room Light, Blocker and Side.

Users Manual 


  Spare Parts


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