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Fiamma Carry Bike Pro C Pro C N and Pro C E Bike

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Fiamma Carry Bike Pro C Pro C N and Pro C E Bike
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Fiamma Carry Bike Pro C Pro C N and Pro C E Bike



CARRY-BIKE Pro Series.

Flexibility and sturdiness.

The FIAMMA best-seller renews its shape.

The design, studied to match aesthetically and perfectly any RV, together with the new colour and the introduction of Bike Block Pro S delivered as standard (Only on the Pro C E Bike), make this bike carrier more elegant and modern.
The combination of sturdiness and style taking the range forwards.

A matter of style.

The predominance of the black colour in the bike carriers’ aesthetics fits perfectly to the new motorhome styling.
The totally renewed design of the plastic parts complete the renewal made to the range.  Guaranteeing the range a lasting future.


The compact and classic bike carrier, the short version of the Pro line which is installed under the rear window whilst still allowing it to open.

PRO C E-BIKETo transport two E-Bikes in complete safety.
Pro C structurally sturdy model, equipped with fixed rail support base designed specifically for this type of bike, Bike-Block Pro S and Rail Premium.
The rail support base is not interchangeable with the standard Pro series version.

Available in 4 versions:

Pro C Blue: comes with blue coloured fittings (not shown)

Pro C Black: comes with black coloured fittings as in pictures

Pro C E Bikes: in black maximum 2 bikes

Pro C N: Does NOT include upper and lower fitting kit and is designed for Motorhomes with fixings already in situ.



Our Price

Pro C 2 Bikes Black


Pro C 3 Bikes Black


Pro C 4 Bikes Black


Pro C 2 Bikes Blue £254.00
Pro C 3 Bikes Blue £313.50
Pro C 4 Bikes Blue £376.00

Pro C N 2 Bikes Black


Pro C N 3 Bikes Black


Pro C N 4 Bikes Black


Pro C Electric 2 Bikes Black


Suitable for all types of motorhomes.

To be installed on the back wall of your motorhome. Pro C is specially designed to fit below the rear window.

Two bikes carried as standard, up to 4 with extra Rails and Bike-Blocks optional.

Max load 60 kgs

Two Rail Quick delivered as standard which can carry any sort of bike and can also slide horizontally for easy positioning of the bikes.

Bike-Block Pro
Bike-Block Pro 1 and 3 delivered as standard. Bike-Block 2 and 4 optional for extra bikes

User manual pro C

  User Manual Pro C E Bike

   Spare Parts Pro C


  Spare Parts Pro C E Bike


 Carry-Bike Pro C & Pro C N 

Vehicle type


Vehicle rear window


Bikes carried standard / max


Bike-Block Pro 1


Bike-Block Pro 2


Bike-Block Pro 3    


Bike-Block Pro 4


Security Strip 


Weight / Max load

 7.9 / 60 kg

Rail Quick Pro 


Rail Premium S 



 • (Not with the Pro C N) 

Standard       Optional    


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