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Fiamma Garage Racking System

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Fiamma Garage Racking System
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Fiamma Garage Racking System


Innovative and practical system to arrange the garage facility of even
the biggest motorhomes.


Enlargeable and flexible system: it fits all the dimensions and needs
you may require.

Made in tough but light modular anodized aluminium.

The standard version is a single shelf for the garage of your
motorhome, with the Kit upgrade you can enlarge it by adding
more shelves. Ideal for the garage of big motorhomes.

Optional kit of three folding boxes standrad delivered with hooks
for fastening on the shelves, to prevent falls when travelling.

Dimensions each shelf: 64.5 x 41 x 143cm
Weight: 3KG

Garage System Standard:
The standard module is a single stand with 2 shelves to position the optional folding boxes
or the stiff shelves in order to put all the goods of the camper away neatly.
They are adjustable in height and the
section bars can be shortened in case of rear steps or narrow and
curved spaces.

Garage System Upgrade:
The upgrade module is used to enlarge the standard module with a second shelf.
It can be used with the Garage System Standard

Garage System Support:
Set of two lower and one side bar of aluminium, to be used as an additional support for the garage system to grant a stronger fixing

Garage Box:
Set of 3 folding boxes suitable for the shelves of the Garage System. Open they are very roomy, closed they take up little space.

Also Available: Kit Wall Installation: Supplementary Kit for wall
installation for garage facility with adjustable roof height.

Description Our Price
Garage System Standard £237.70
Garage System Upgrade £165.70
Garage System Support £57.50
Garage Box (3) £83.70
Kit Wall Installation £14.90

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