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Fiamma Roof Vent 28 F and Kit Turbo Vent 28 F

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Fiamma Roof Vent 28 F and Kit Turbo Vent 28 F
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Fiamma Roof Vent 28 F and Kit Turbo Vent 28 F


More light in small spaces. New design and aerodynamic shape.

The new 28cm x 28cm  roof light is perfect for small rooms, ensuring improved interior light.

The discreet and elegant design of the internal frame makes it suitable for any environment and the aerodynamic shape does not require the use of the spoiler.

Equipped with permanent ventilation and robust aluminium mosquito net.

Thanks to the Sandwich System mounting system, it is not necessary to drill any further holes in the roof of the vehicle.

Can be accessorised with the optional Kit Turbo Vent 28 F for motorising the roof light.


Aerodynamic: due to the aerodynamic shape no spoiler is needed
Sandwich assembly: quick installation without needing to cut more holes in the roof of your vehicle
Slim frame: minimum vertical dimensions on the vehicle ceiling
Bright interiors: the opening mechanism is arranged to guarantee plenty of light inside
Aluminium mosquito net: equipped with sturdy, rigid aluminium mosquito net, removable for easy cleaning
Opening system: handy opening system with handwheel
Permanent ventilation: the double layer cover ensures constant exchange of air

The rooflight can be motorised using the Kit Turbo-Vent 28 F


  1. Greater light and visibility
  2. More aerodynamic
  3. Complete with double layer cover
  4. Equipped with fixed mosquito net
  5. Sandwich system installation
  6. Optional motorized ventilation kit

Colours: White or Crystal

Description Our Price
Vent 28F White £72.90
Vent 28F Crystal £84.90
Optional Turbo Kit £79.20

Vent 28 F

Description Vent 28 F
Dimensions 28x28 cm
Weight 1,8 kg
External dimensions 32x34 cm2
Internal dimensions 31x34 cm2
Permanent air flow 80 cm2
Inside light 25x25 cm
Roof thickness (min - max) 2,8-6,0 cm

Optional Kit Vent Turbo Vent 28 F

Description Kit turbo-Vent 28 F
Weight 0,5 kg
Tension 12 V
Absorbed power 25 W
Max electric input 1,9 A
Max air flow 9 m3/min
Fan diameter 180 mm
Permanent air flow 50 cm2

    User Manual Vent 28F

   User Manual Turbo Kit

   Spare Parts Vent 28F
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