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Fiamma Caravanstore Caravan Awning Canopy
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Fiamma Caravanstore Caravan Awning Canopy


Canopy Colour:

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The Number 1 Caravan awning in Europe

The first easy to use, sturdy and lightweight bag awning

The Fiamma Caravanstore Caravan Awning is easy to use and install: it takes only seconds to roll it out completely. Simple and essential, Fiamma Caravanstore Awning canopy offers excellent shelter from sun. The legs are inside the rollertube and is standard delivered, easy to take out and install as it is hinged and telescopic, so it cannot fall down or be lost. For those reasons the caravanstore Canopy  is the favourite amongst caravanners all over.

The roller can be rolled up in both ways and thanks to its patented wide roller the caravanstore is easy to unroll and roll up and above all the fabric is wrinkle free.

New Improved features include

  • Partial opening of awning from sizes 310cm upwards. 
  • Second guide on lead bar for the additional blocker pro or sun view.
  • Reinforced bag with anti-scratch tape
  • Rubber wall fixing kit to prevent damage to the caravan wall

Available Colours:-  Deluxe Grey or Blue Ocean

Description Awning length A Canopy length B Extension C Shade surface Weight
Caravanstore 190 196 cm 162 cm 180 cm 2.9 m2 6.1 kg
Caravanstore 225 236 cm 202 cm 225 cm 4.5 m2 7.6 kg
Caravanstore 255 266 cm 232 cm 225 cm 5.2 m2 8.4 kg
Caravanstore 280 288 cm 254 cm 225 cm 5.7 m2 9 kg
Caravanstore 310 318 cm 284 cm 225 cm 6.4 m2 10.2 kg
Caravanstore 360 369 cm 334 cm 225 cm 7.5 m2 11.3 kg
Caravanstore 410 * 419 cm 384 cm 225 cm 8.6 m2 12.5 kg
Caravanstore 440 ** 449 cm 414 cm 225 cm 9.3 m2 13 kg


*1 x Tension Rafter Caravanstore in anodised aluminium included

** 1 x Tension Rafter and 1 x Caravanstore support leg in anodised aluminium included

Includes caravanstore awning shade.

 Fitting instructions click here

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