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Dorema Exclusive 250 Caravan Awning

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Dorema Exclusive 250 Caravan Awning
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Dorema Exclusive 250 Caravan Awning


Frame Type:

Free Safelock System and Fee Quicklock pads worth up to £39.00
with every Dorema Full Caravan awning purchase !!!

Exclusive 250

Perfection is reflected in the detail

The Exclusive 250 contains the absolute best of everything we know about producing a quality awning. For campers who demand top level quality and performance the Exclusive 250 won’t disappoint. The roof is produced from the top quality Ten Cate All Season material with a beautiful modern print on the inside. The walls are made from the brand new Ten Cate All Season designer material, exclusively designed for Dorema. The Exclusive 250 is the ultimate quality awning for touring or seasonal site use.

Depth: 250 cm
Roof material: Ten Cate coated polyester, printed on the inside with a beautiful design
Wall material: Ten Cate All Season designer awning fabric, heavy quality coated polyester
Front panel: Both panels can be rolled down or zipped out
Side panels: Both panels are fitted with a door and can be rolled down or zipped out
Frame: 25 mm EasyGrip steel frame,

2 extra roof support poles in size 10-19,
2 extra front legs in size 15-19

Available sizes: 875-1125 cm
Available colour: Charcoal/grey
Weight: Size 10 approx. 36 kg

  • A ventilation opening in the ridge of the front panel that can be closed with a zipped panel
  • On the right-hand side you will find a fly screen panel

Optional extras:

  • Lightweight Fibre Tech fibreglass frame
  • Lightweight aluminium EasyGrip Quick System frame, not recommended for permanent site use
  • Annex tall with pointed roof
  • Inner tent annex
  • Verandah pole
  • Quick Lock pads
  • Stormpoles for extra stability
  • Safe Lock System kit

Special features:

  • Annex fitted with a double zip system, this enables you to replace the side panel (not possible if you use an annex innertent)
  • Covered zips in matching material for extra protection
  • Annex is designed to fit on either the left or right-hand side of the awning
  • Fitted with Quick Lock profile
  • Fitted with Safe Lock System

    Size A
    List Price Discount Price Size A
    List Price Discount Price
     10 875-900 1284 £899  15 1000-1025 1484  £1039
     11 900-925   1313  £919  16 1025-1050 1513  £1059
    12 925-950   1341  £939 17  1050-1075   1541 £1079 
    13 950-975 1399  £979 18 1975-1100 1570 £1099
    14 975-1000 1456 £1019 19 1100-1125 1613 £1129
    Optionals List
    Optionals List
    Annex Standard N/A N/A 28mm EasyGrip Steel Frame 5-14 N/A N/A
     Annex tall with pointed roof 470  £329 28mm EasyGrip Steel Frame 15-19  N/A N/A
    Annex tall De Luxe with pointed roof N/A N/A  ALU EasyGrip frame 4-9 Additional N/A N/A
    ALU EasyGrip frame 10-14 Additional 81 £57 ALU EasyGrip frame 15-19 Additional  117 £82 
    Fibreglass frame 4-9 Additional N/A N/A Fibreglass frame 10-14 Additional 126 £88
    Fibreglass frame 15-19 Additional 199 £139    


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